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Welcome to Level 2 Audio Online! We're a commercial recording studio that serves the needs of advertising agencies and independent producers. We deliver high quality studio and location recording and comprehensive production services - on time and within budget. And we can provide as much input as you'd like, serving as a silent partner, working side-by-side with you, or taking complete control of the project. Want to talk? Call 419.873.1794.
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As a sound designer I've been working with sound effects and music for a long time. And the current trend toward graphic-heavy TV spots has given me even more opportunities to do some serious sound design. For me that's been AWESOME! Check out the Cox cable spots in our TV Samples section. Fun stuff. But what I haven't seen for a while is a creative narration script that requires different music genres, sfx cues, and voice styles; you know, theatre of the mind - the kind of project that really helps you imagine different people and places in your head. I did have one script like that this year but it was just a spec. Hopefully we haven't gone too far over to the "we just need to get something out there" side and forgotten the impact a creative writer can make on a project.

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We've been doing ISDN sessions for almost 15 years now. From connecting with movie stars and sports icons to recording voice talents from other states, the ISDN session continues to be one of the more exciting things we do. (there's no better way to impress a client by the way) Most recently we connected with a studio in Milwaukee, WI to record a Brewers coach who is from Northwest Ohio for a radio spot.We made some new friends in another state and had a great time producing the spot. For quality, control and creative fun with an ISDN project, give us a call.